1. What is Building Independence? 

Building Independence was a 3 year pilot project that supported over 50 youth and adults with autism spectrum disorder to develop appropriate work behaviours, increase their independence and prepare for the future. This project was a unique partnership between St.Amant, WASO, Eastman Employment Services and the University of Manitoba to develop and deliver programming to individuals with ASD who would traditionally experience gaps in programming after the age of 18 y.  

2. Where is the training being offered? 

Asperger Manitoba received grant funding from Autism Speaks Canada to run two pre-employment prep workshop series through WASO in Winnipeg.  These will take place in the fall and winter to 2018/19.  

3. How can I learn more? 

This project is based on the work being done in Alberta at The Ability Hub. You can learn more about their supports and services at www.theabilityhub.com.

If you have any questions or comments about Building Independence, contact info@asperger-manitoba.ca.