1. What is Building Independence? 

Building Independence is an exciting new venture in Manitoba. A 3 year pilot project supported over 50 youth and adults with autism spectrum disorder to develop appropriate work behaviours, increase their independence and prepare for the future. This project was a unique partnership between St.Amant, WASO, Eastman Employment Services and the University of Manitoba to develop and deliver programming to individuals with ASD who would traditionally experience gaps in programming after the age of 18 y.  

2. What about the future of this project? 

We are currently working with supported employment, school divisions and community partners to explore how our curriculum can be used across Manitoba for youth and adults with ASD interested in pursuing employment.  We will keep you posted on this website as news develops.

3. What about the selection process going forward? 

Priority will continue to be given to those individuals who do not qualify for Community Living disAbility Services, who share a functional profile of others in their cohort. 

4. When are Pre-Employment Prep training modules taking place? 

We have hit "pause" on delivering the program for the time being but hope to have it up and running again in alternate formats within the next few months.  Please check back here for more details.

5. Where is the training being offered? 

Currently, we have the capacity to offer the Pre-Employment prep program in both Winnipeg and Steinbach regions.  We have begun working with various school divisions to offer the training to students attending high schools in both areas of the province.  Both sites have trained staff to lead participants through the program.  In all cases, trained facilitators will continue to lead participants through the 11-week curriculum.

6. How is this project being supported? 

We are looking at a few options as we move forward - one includes a fee for service option where participants pay for the training.  

We continue to look for further support to ensure this program as well as others to be developed under the Building Independence umbrella are able to run throughout Manitoba. 

7. How can I learn more? 

This project is based on the work being done in Alberta at The Ability Hub. You can learn more about their supports and services at www.theabilityhub.com. If you are interested in having your name added to our waitlist, contact St.Amant Central Intake at: 1-204-256-4301 x7041.

If you have any questions or comments about Building Independence, contact Anne at akresta@stamant.ca.